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    The 5 Healthiest Essential Oil Companies to Be Aware of in 2018

    There are many types of special oils, and there are a lot of brands that make them. So you can get a big diversity of oil products, some better than others, and without a doubt, those best brands are the ones that you should start to buy. So, if you have any doubts about which companies manufacture these types of oils, here we leave you some:

    Rocky Mountains Oils

    With more than 10 years in the business, this company has a growing success in the essential oils market. Also, it offers a variety of cleaning, natural, beauty, and other oil-based products.

    Plant Essential Therapy Oils

    This company offers one of the highest qualities, with fully accessible products. But one of the advantages that this company has is the feedback with the clients and the guarantees they offer. They return the money to the client if the product comes with any sort of damage.

    Essential Oils DōTERRA

    DōTERRA is a company that started 10 years ago in this field, which has undoubtedly gained some recognition in the market. This company manages a multinational marketing with wholesale programs, which they lead successfully. The price of their products is almost $20.

    Mountain Rose Herbs

    This company offers high-quality products, with totally ecological policies. It has received countless awards for their ecological work in the market.

    Young Living Essential Oils

    This is one of the most recognized companies that manufacture essential oils. With more than 25 years in the market, this brand has undoubtedly been highlighted worldwide since it has offices in countries like Canada, Japan, Australia, and many more. They even harvest and distill their own oil.

    These brands have been consecrated in the market of special oils since the products they offer are of excellent quality. One disadvantage among some of them could probably be the price, given that they’re not cheap products compared to other brands, but they are the healthiest.…

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    4 Essential Oils You Need to Try If You Want to Sleep Like a Baby

    Sleeping is something necessary, something important because it helps our brain to rest, and we can recharge our body to do any activity scheduled for the next day. However, there are people who find it difficult to sleep, but don’t worry. There is a perfect remedy, and it’s the use of some special oils that will help you rest completely. Here we leave some of them:


    Rose Oil

    Yes! As you can read, roses can also be used for other things like oil, and you will not regret doing it. This type of oil works as a remedy for any type of insomnia you’re suffering from.

    Chamomile Oil

    This type of oil is actually the best for insomnia, and many studies have proven it. It helps you to fall asleep and relax not only your brain but also your body, eliminating any type of stress you may have.

    Lavender Oil

    This oil brings many health and skin benefits. Its smell is incredible, but t also helps you fall asleep quickly. You can sleep deeply without any kind of interruption and be able to get up the next day with a lot of energy.

    Lemon Oil

    Besides being an excellent remedy for our health, lemon oil is also incredible for this problem. It’s an excellent remedy for people with insomnia because of the number of stimulants it has. You may even feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, and insomnia won’t be one of your worries anymore.

    These oils also bring many nutrients and benefits for our health and beauty. Most of all, they’re excellent to help you sleep and rest like a baby, without any kind of interruption. That’s why we highly recommend trying any of these essential oils and play with different fragrances to relax and have a nice sound sleep tonight.…

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    4 Essential Oils Everyone Should Have at Home

    The oil we use to fry our meals is not the only one that exists in the world. Actually, there are many types of oils that are good for your health. Some can even be used in any diet. So, here we present some of the most essential oils everyone should have at home:

    Cinnamon Oil

    It’s not one of the most common and used oils, but it’s one of excellent quality that provides many benefits. It’s also one of the most expensive oils that can be found in any market.

    This oil is great for home remedies because it helps to eliminate the flu, muscle aches, and more because it’s antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet, and antiviral.

    Apple Seed Oil

    This oil also has excellent benefits, especially for our health and beauty. It’s perfect for the skin because it’s rich in fatty acids, it contains many nutrients that will protect you from the sun, help to hydrate your skin, eliminate dead skin, and can even eliminate any type of spots or streaks.

    Lavender Oil

    This oil is one of the best to ever exist. It’s even considered the best essential oil given the number of benefits and properties that it has.

    It works as an antioxidant, antiviral, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, just to name a few. In case of suffering from any of these things, you only have to ask your doctor what would be the exact amount to use daily.

    Lemon Oil

    This oil is full of nutrients that will provide many health benefits. It’s excellent for headaches, arterial problems, and more. Also, it’s great for beauty treatments too because it hydrates the dead skin, reduces acne, makes the hair shinier, and reduces any traces of dandruff.

    These are some of the various oils that you can find in the market which will provide excellent benefits for your health or for your skin, among other advantages that each one has. Try to research more about essential oils, given that using them daily can be healthier and more advantageous than using others.…